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Ben Furey
Dialect Coach New York City
Theatre companies, Film and TV producers
Accent Reduction/Modification
Theatre companies, Film and TV producers

Film and TV
Ben can work with the director and actor(s) to establish a cohesive vocal vision for the whole project and cast or with just one character.  He can cover everything from pre-production prep and rehearsal, the whole (or part) of a Shoot, ADR sessions (where dialects can sometimes stray if they aren't overseen), and rehearsing an actor for a one-day studio vocal session for animated movies.

As well as being able to cover any of the dialect or vocal needs of your project (see above), Ben can act as vocal consultant, working with presenters/experts who are not professional broadcasters but who need to be able to communicate in a relaxed and clear way. 

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Ben is extremely experienced in theatre, having worked on all sorts of productions in venues including Broadway, Off-Broadway and large and small regional theatres.  He has worked on large and small musicals, on plays from Shakespeare to new works, and everything from shows involving puppetry to devised pieces. 

He will work to your needs, whether it be one session with one actor, sessions with swings/alternates through to being the Resident Coach of a production from day one of rehearsal to opening night and, if required, maintaining the show and rehearsing new actors. He is very skilled and highly experienced at helping actors use an accent/dialect for both the speaking and singing voice.

Ben works with actors and productions to help them achieve their vocal goals whether it be vocal extremes, finding a more expressive vocal use, helping the actor explore and use the text to serve the production, using the voice unamplified in a large theatre, finding character voices in a healthy way and so on.

He collaborates with the director to support their vision of the production and to establish the overarching "Voice" for the piece.

On musicals, he works with the Musical Director and Supervisor to marry the dialect to the needs of the musical department, adapting the dialect for such things as note length, rhythm, and musical style of the number and show.

Ben has traveled across the country to check - at the production's request - dialect accuracy, overall clarity and vocal use on National tours.

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